How to make friends in your new college

College life is the most exciting period in anyone's life. The lectures, the friendly environment, fun and memories with friends make it more amazing than ever.


You still have not got any friends in your college!! You are surely missing in making the most precious memories of your life.

Here we are for you then!! These few suggestions will help you to make friends:

  1. Go early and take the initiative: Going to college soon can help you out in many ways. You will never miss out your lectures, and this will give you a chance to start a conversation with your classmates. Sometimes you need to break the ice and take the initiative.

If you are shy, it could make you feel odd to start up a chat with someone you do not know, but making friends is better than being all alone in the class.

  1. Participate in campus events: In colleges, there are many feasts and competitions are organized. Go forward and participate in the activities to fulfill your passion or hobby. Surprisingly, you can find potential friends there, and that too someone who shares same hobby or passion as you.


  1. Do your assignments in social spaces: Assignments and projects could be very tiresome sometimes. You just need to refresh with your friends. But, what if you do not have one. You can make your projects and assignments by taking online assignment help. Making projects and assignments in social places will surely persuade your batch mates to come to you and start a conversation with you.
  2. Share the lunch: Food always brings people together. Instead of eating alone, you should prefer to eat together in the groups. Offer your food to your new fellows. While eating, you can quickly start chatting with each other.
  3. Invite mates to hang around: Break your hesitation and take a step to invite your mates to hang around. It could be anything like- visiting some nearby places, going for a movie or some lunch. Taking a small break in your weekend will sway your boredom. Nonetheless, it will also bring fun within the group, making people friendlier to you.
  4. Be polite and friendly: Whenever someone talks to you, try to be polite and friendlier to them. It might be possible that your nervousness gives a negative impression on your personality and the person taking the initiative to talk to you might feel awkward.

      If you feel offended in any of the critical topics, try to avoid it. Do not jump to start an argument. This could lead to worst circumstances.

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