What are the stages of Second Language?

The importance of target setting and performance measurement

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What are the steps for improving business writing

Our experts from Assignment Help will now tell you some of the ways by which the business writing can be improved:

Removing the emotions- an individual must let go of their negative emotions and focus on how they can make the business writing a masterpiece.

Identifying an individual’s specific strengths and weaknesses- There are a lot of embedded skills in business writing, so it becomes quite vital for understanding what exactly is working and what needs to be improved. In this segment there are three important metrics for business writing such as reflecting on the information contained in the documents, separating the information from the words that express that information content and reflect on the words for using to express the information.

Correcting and reviewing the information and organization at the first place- An individual must try to fix the words and the language in the business documents before the information is relevant, accurate, as well as well organized. For honing good organization and information the following needs to be done by an individual: clearly defining the audiences, deciding upon the main categories of information necessary for the defined reader, and logically sequencing the information.

Reviewing and correcting the format is the next step- studying few other documents that is written by an individual in the past weeks must be studied by the individual and they must ask themselves what formatting improvements would make them easier for scanning. Besides, some of the helpful format components are as follows: short paragraphs, a lot of white space, using of emphatic and bold text and headings above the categories of the documents.

Keeping it short- Once an individual has identified what they need to say then they must get to the point quickly. The reader must be kept in mind while writing.

Active voice must be used- It has been observed that the active sentences are always direct. Furthermore, passive sentences are always regarded as wordy and quite weak and the writing will be enhancing at an alarming rate if someone emphasizes on using the active sentences more.

Always being professional- an individual always needs to be authentic and let their voice shine throughout their writing. Anything irrelevant or unprofessional must not be included.

Clarifying the call to action- the business communications are sent with a purpose and the writer must not leave it entirely to the reader for figuring out what they want to do with the information. The writer must spell it out and be specific as much as possible. Furthermore, the writer should also be clear about what exactly they want and then they will be finding out the best results from their readers.

Proofread- It is quite evident that the grammar and spelling mistakes are more than embarrassing and it also tends to hurt the credibility of an individual. Once an individual is finished with the writing then they must proofread in on an immediate basis. An individual must give themselves some distance from the writing as it will be helping them to spot the mistakes that they have missed on the first read-through.

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What is the “definition of Spirituality” by My Assignment Help

Finding the common definition of spirituality is problematic and challenging. It makes the process of defining spirituality so elusive that it is the nature of the word itself. It is culturally and religiously bound to a great extent culturally and religiously, but in any meaningful definition, futility is seen. Spirituality is an expansive idea for some methodologies. When all is said in done, it includes the sentiment of connecting with yourself with something greater, and it typically includes the hunt of significance throughout everyday life. Thusly, it is a general human encounter - something that contacts all of us. Individuals can depict a profound encounter as holy or powerful or just a profound feeling and interrelationship. For more information in detail, and for topics and assignments related to other subjects, you can also check out my assignment help.

A few people may find that their spiritual life is connected to their link with the temple, the church, the synagogue or the mosque. Other individuals can pray or discover comfort in an individual association with God or higher power. Still, others need importance through their link with nature or craftsmanship. As with the objective of your motivation, your own definition of spirituality can change, it is appropriate for your very own relationships and experiences.

Connection of Spirituality and Religion

While spirituality can join elements of religion, it is typically a far and broad idea. Spirituality and Religion are by all account not the only thing, nor are they entirely unexpected from one another.

  • Questions in spirituality are mostly: Where do I get connections, value and meaning in person?
  • Questions in religions are mostly: What is right and correct?

The connection between Spirituality and Emotional wellbeing

As you read, you will see that numerous practices suggested for the development of spirituality are equivalent to prescribed for improving emotional health. This is on the grounds that there is a link between the two - spiritual and emotional wellbeing influence one another and cover, as though there are generally parts of golly.

  • Spirituality is tied in with structure a significant relationship with itself with incredible things, which can result in positive feelings, for example, harmony, surprise, satisfaction, appreciation and acknowledgement.
  • Enthusiastic wellbeing is tied in with developing a positive perspective, which can fuse the association of your disposition generally and distinguish itself as being bigger.


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Theory of Data mining by online assignment help

Data mining is the technical process of analysing the hidden patterns in data according to various perspectives for categorizing into the useful information which is assembled and collected in the normal areas such as data storage house, for analysing it efficiently, facilitating decision making and other sorts of information which are essential for cost-cutting techniques and revenue growth. Data mining have other names such as knowledge discovery and data discovery. IT scholars who need to submit their project assessment based on data mining can look for programming assignment help portals. This portal equips trained professionals who have years of experience in the data structure.

The first step in the process of data mining is to gather critical relevant data for business’s data is either non-operational, transactional or metadata. Transactional data tends to handle day to day operations which includes sales, cost and inventory etc. Non-operational data processing relates to growth forecast while logical database aligns itself more with metadata. Relationships and pattern among data elements produce relevant information which may lead to growth in organizational revenue. An organisation which has apt consumer services deals with the mining techniques providing a clear depiction of the products price, sold, customer and competition demographic. For instance, the biggest retail giant Walmart tends to transmit all the relevant information of customers into data warehouses with as much as terabytes of data. The data is then created valuable and relevant information which the suppliers can access to identify the products customers are more tend to pay. They can generate patterns related to most shopped days, shopping habits, sought out favourite products and other sorts of data utilizing techniques.

Assignment help portals help students to determine how to look over the statistics and tricks to look for relevant information.

The second step in the process of data mining is the selection of an apt algorithm – a mechanism equipped to create a data mining modal. The general tool working for the algorithm includes finding out the trends in the series of data and using the output parameter. The most known algorithms used for the process of data mining are regressions and classification algorithm. Both of them are used to classify and identify the relationship among all data elements. Major database enterprise such as SQL and Oracle incorporate data mining elements such as regression trees and clustering elements, to meet the total demand for the data mining. Students can look for various assistance portal that deals with the programming projects which includes data mining element. Students often find this specific field of computer science difficult, however, they can always seek online assignment help.


SUMMARY- This article talks about the importance of communication skills in a person’s life.

First of all, Communication is very important for any individual to survive. Without a doubt, communication is unpredictable. While it may be viewed as an individual expression of itself, it is a procedure of communication exchange, a technique for coordination, an operator of social change and a procedure of development. In the meantime, communication is a probably destructive weapon. Assignments can be a tedious task if they are assigned during the last hours. Students writing their report on Biology can look for Assignment help.

Having the capacity to communicate efficiently is likely the most significant in all fundamental abilities. This is the thing that empowers us to pass data to other individuals. You just need to see a youngster listening to his mom cautiously and attempting to rehash those sounds which he supposes is so basic to conveying.

Above all, communication is significant for the progress of an individual. Scientists and educators have brought up the significance of communication in self-improvement. I will like to cite Morrell, Osborne and Pearson (2000) according to Morell and Person, communication must be seen as general training since it has the abilities of individual skills and basic reasoning, initiative and the board skills, social skills and media education.

Second, communication guarantees the effective delivery of education. It monitors that study hall instruction has improved and is important to powerful collaboration in the whole training effort. For this, communication skills are significant for educators, librarians and school administrators. For the professional, academic and personal accomplishments of students, communication is very much required. Also, oral communication delivers most of the facts. Pearson, Osborn and Morreale in the year 2000, explored the significance of communications that are non-verbal in reference to education. As per the study, most of the messages where non-verbally communicated in the classroom. Communication Skills contain topics which are complicated and extensive. Online Assignment help is the best source of plagiarism free topics.


Third point is that communication is essential for the continuation of social and culturally diverse dialogue. Through successful communication, we build up the capacity to talk and communicate with individuals of various societies. Good communication likewise empowers us to take an interest in public life. It likewise empowers us to increase awareness of the individuals of various societies. The best organization feels that in a case they need to be effective in the present business world, great communication is essential at all dimensions. Good communication is a helpful pandemic to recollect the advantages you and your association get:

  • Compelling and convincing corporate materials
  • Increase productivity
  • Make strong decisions and solve the problem
  • More clear and streamlined workflow
  • Good relationships in business


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How to make friends in your new college

College life is the most exciting period in anyone's life. The lectures, the friendly environment, fun and memories with friends make it more amazing than ever.


You still have not got any friends in your college!! You are surely missing in making the most precious memories of your life.

Here we are for you then!! These few suggestions will help you to make friends:

  1. Go early and take the initiative: Going to college soon can help you out in many ways. You will never miss out your lectures, and this will give you a chance to start a conversation with your classmates. Sometimes you need to break the ice and take the initiative.

If you are shy, it could make you feel odd to start up a chat with someone you do not know, but making friends is better than being all alone in the class.

  1. Participate in campus events: In colleges, there are many feasts and competitions are organized. Go forward and participate in the activities to fulfill your passion or hobby. Surprisingly, you can find potential friends there, and that too someone who shares same hobby or passion as you.


  1. Do your assignments in social spaces: Assignments and projects could be very tiresome sometimes. You just need to refresh with your friends. But, what if you do not have one. You can make your projects and assignments by taking online assignment help. Making projects and assignments in social places will surely persuade your batch mates to come to you and start a conversation with you.
  2. Share the lunch: Food always brings people together. Instead of eating alone, you should prefer to eat together in the groups. Offer your food to your new fellows. While eating, you can quickly start chatting with each other.
  3. Invite mates to hang around: Break your hesitation and take a step to invite your mates to hang around. It could be anything like- visiting some nearby places, going for a movie or some lunch. Taking a small break in your weekend will sway your boredom. Nonetheless, it will also bring fun within the group, making people friendlier to you.
  4. Be polite and friendly: Whenever someone talks to you, try to be polite and friendlier to them. It might be possible that your nervousness gives a negative impression on your personality and the person taking the initiative to talk to you might feel awkward.

      If you feel offended in any of the critical topics, try to avoid it. Do not jump to start an argument. This could lead to worst circumstances.

If you want to know about more topics like this visit our assignment help website.